COSCO Shipping Lines: Company Profile & Overview

COSCO Shipping Lines (or China Ocean Shipping Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China COSCO SHIPPING Holding Co., which provides international shipping, shipbuilding and repair, and terminal operations. It is based in Shanghai.

With 376 container vessels and a capacity of 2.1 million TEUs, COSCO Shipping Lines is the largest dry bulk carrier in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. In 2018, the company posted revenue of over 913.66 million RMB.

The company operates 362 international and domestic shipping routes. Of them, 228 are international services (which includes international feeder services), 47 are domestic, and 87 services are dedicated to the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers.

COSCO Shipping Services owns 46 container terminals worldwide, with 190 berthing spaces. It serves a total of 329 ports in 100 countries and trade regions across the globe.

Services Offered

COSCO Shipping is dedicated to international and domestic (Chinese) container shipping and related services.

The company’s dry bulk cargo shipping operation carries an array of commodities, including iron ore, coal, grain, steel, and other bulk cargo materials.

Its oil and gas line ships crude and product oil, liquid propane and liquid natural gasses to over 300 ports around the world. It offers specialized cargo transport via heavy lift and semi-submersible vessels and specially-configured ships for asphalt, time and autos.

It also carries passengers along China’s domestic coastline and between China and Japan, Korea and Mainland Taiwan.

COSCO Shipping Financial Services oversees financing and documentation for ship chartering and insurance, leasing of ISO containers and oversight of terminal storage facilities.

The company prides itself on excellent customer service, offering a draft bill of lading (BL) within 8 working hours after receipt of shipping instructions.

As of March 2019 99.95% of draft BLs are produced within 8 working hours. The average turn time for draft BLs is 1.7 hours. COSCO Shipping Lines works to issue an original BL within one working day after vessel departure.

Due to its close working relationships with the ports it serves, COSCO Shipping Lines minimizes time spent resolving documentation issues. It claims, as of March 2019, 94% of shipments worldwide are transferred within 14 days; 96% of shipments to the Far East are transferred within 14 days, and 81% are delivered within 7 days.

COSCO Shipping Container Tracking

COSCO Shipping offers one-click container tracking through its web site. Customers can track and trace COSCO container movements, and they can view the current vessel location on a world map.

COSCO Shipping Lines handles customer logistics door-to-door, via its container fleet, railway, and trucking services. Its teams work around the clock to deliver customer cargo the exactly the right place and on time.

Company Accreditations and Affiliations

COSCO Shipping is accredited or affiliated with these organizations:

  • International Ship Security Certificate
  • Safety Management Certificate
  • Management System Accreditation Certificate
  • Environmental Management System Accreditation
  • Occupational Health Safety Management System Accreditation
  • Company Energy Efficiency Management Certificate

With its strong focus on customer service and its global reach, customers trust COSCO Shipping Lines for a thorough, reliable shipping experience.

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