Hamburg Süd: Company Profile & Overview

Since 2017, the German firm of Hamburg Süd (originally Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffarts-Gesellschaft) had served as an independent shipping line owned by the largest container shipping firm in the world, A.P. Moller-Maersk. Itself ranked as the 8th largest container shipping enterprise on Earth, Hamburg Süd furnishes international logistics and shipping services internationally.

It has earned significant company goodwill during recent years by participating in global humanitarian relief efforts. The firm also promulgated policy positions on issues such as environmental sustainability and slavery. It seeks to encourage partner compliance with these standards.

Dr. Arnt Vespermann has served as the CEO of Hamburg Süd since December 2017. The firm operates 250 offices around the world, employing approximately 6,000 people. It presently maintains a capacity of more than 600,000 TEUs.

This company traces its establishment to 1871, when 11 firms in Hamburg invested in a joint-stock company to operate three steamers serving Germany and Brazil. It maintained a fleet of passenger liners by the outbreak of the First World War. The firm lost every vessel during the global conflict.

In 1920, Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffarts-Gesellschaft began rebuilding. It gained success during the 1920s and 1930s. Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, the grandson of inventor Dr. August Oetker, a founder of a baking powder manufacturing firm, began investing in Hamburg Süd.

By the close of WWII, Hamburg Süd had once again lost every ship. It began rebuilding in 1951. It commenced container freight shipments in the Pacific in 1971. Mergers expanded its fleet. The company acquired a succession of other shipping fleets until its own acquisition by A.P. Moller-Maersk (initiated in 2016 and finalized in 2017).

Hamburg Süd Services Offered

The Hamburg Süd Group operates an international freight container shipping service with 90 regular lines. It also owns a travel agency.

The shipping company offers a full range of logistical and freight shipping services. It participates extensively in eCommerce activities. Its fleet transports dry cargo, temperature-controlled cargo, exceptionally heavy and bulky cargo, and dangerous cargo. The company provides expertise in transporting fresh produce, fruit, and flowers between production sites and seasonal marketplaces overseas. It also provide tracking and tracing services, specialized veterinary, and plant inspection services, documentation assistance, and intermodal transport services.

Hamburg Süd Company Accreditation And Affiliations

Hamburg Süd has acquired extensive accreditation credentials. It received an International Shipping Security Certificate (ISSC) and maintains affiliations with the World Shipping Council (WSC) and the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), an organization established to promote improved environmental performance by marine cargo transport vessels. It affiliates with Verband Deutsche Reeder (VDR), a German maritime shipping lobby, and seeks to comply with any applicable regulations promulgated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The company has maintained ISO 9001 quality standard certification since 1996. Since 2000, it has enjoyed certification under the ISO 14001 standard, as well.

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