Maersk Line: Company Profile and Overview

Maersk Line was founded in Denmark in 1904. It is part of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group based in Copenhagen.

Maersk Line is the world’s largest shipping company. In 2018, the company earned over $39 billion in revenue, and it employs 76,000 people worldwide. It moves over 12 million shipping containers each year.

The company serves over 300 ports in 120 countries, and its customers move products all over the world. Its tracking technology monitors shipments and helps customers manage their supply chains.

Sustainability is important to Maersk. It intends to be carbon-neutral by 2050. It recently converted a 400-meter cargo ship to vegetable-based biofuel to attain zero net carbon emissions.

Maersk Shipping Services

The company’s integrated services oversee shipments from their initial departure to their final destination. The company’s slogan, “All the Way,” shows its commitment to supporting its customers’ full supply chains.

Its Shipping and Cargo Services group features a fleet of 709 ships that haul dry and refrigerated cargo. They also move oversized and heavy shipments. They even ship dangerous cargo such as chemicals or hazardous materials.

Onshore, Maersk Inland Services transports goods by truck, rail or barge. The company’s door-to-door service cuts shipping time for goods moving long distances. For shipments moving from Asia to the United States or Europe, for example, Inland Services can cut shipping time in half, compared to its competitors.

Maersk Container Tracking

Maersk container tracking is an end-to-end logistics system that monitors shipments. It helps customers direct cargo to terminals and warehouses all over the world. With just a shipment, bill of lading or container number, customers can track a shipment in one click.

Shipping requires careful management of the cargo. It also requires attention to all the related documents and information. The company’s tracking system puts this data at its customers’ fingertips.

Maersk Line tracking provides real-time data about customers’ shipments. The system shows container movements and the vessel’s current location on a world map. Customers track and trace shipments as they move.

They can also upload documents such as legal declarations. And they can resolve issues with delayed or lost shipments.

Company Accreditations and Affiliations

As a responsible company, Maersk shipping relies on its customer’s trust. It also answers to the public and governments worldwide. It is accredited or affiliated with these organizations:

Its ships and warehouses span the globe. Data from the Maersk Line tracking system monitors cargo movements constantly. With over 100 years in business, customers trust Maersk shipping for a comprehensive, smooth experience.

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